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Chất lượng dịch vụ chính là lợi thế cạnh tranh

Chất lượng dịch vụ chính là lợi thế cạnh tranh

Sau khi Việt Nam gia nhập WTO, các chuỗi bán lẻ trong nước bắt đầu chịu áp lực của những nhà bán lẻ hàng đầu thế giới đang chuẩn bị xâm nhập vào thị trường Việt Nam như Tesco, Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Lotte... Hơn bao giờ hết, việc cải thiện chất lượng dịch vụ bán lẻ để có thể cạnh tranh với các chuỗi bán lẻ nước ngoài đang và sẽ hoạt động tại thị trường trong nước là vô cùng cần thiết.


Khái niệm kế toán tài chính?

Khái niệm kế toán tài chính?

Kế toán tài chính là công việc thu thập, kiểm tra, xử lý, phân tích và cung cấp các thông tin kinh tế, tài chính bằng báo cáo tài chính cho các đối tượng có nhu cầu sử dụng thông tin.

Kế toán tài chính phản ánh thực trạng và các biến động về vốn và tài sản của doanh nghiệp dưới dạng tổng quát hay phản ánh các dòng vật chất và dòng tiền tệ trong mối quan hệ giữa doanh nghiệp với môi trường kinh tế bên ngoài.


10 xu hướng marketing hiện đại cần biết

10 xu hướng marketing hiện đại cần biết

AI (trí thông minh nhân tạo) không còn là một công nghệ mới, và trong thực tế, bạn đã tiếp xúc với trí thông minh nhân tạo nhiều hơn bạn nghĩ. Đó là khi bạn nhìn thấy những quảng cáo xuất hiện trong kết quả tìm kiếm hay khi bạn đang sử dụng mạng xã hội. 57% các marketer đã ứng dụng AI vào các chiến lược, chiến thuật của họ.

About Us

About Us

Virtual office, Vietnam Virtual OfficeIn Today's ever-changing business climate, speed and flexibility are essential for success. Our professional-designed workplaces provide business of all ages and stages with access to the most prestigious building in central of HoChiMinh City, Vietnam. Our premiere workplaces are truly business-ready. Come on, sit-down and start your business at our fully-furnished offices and meeting rooms.
Without up-front capital expenditures and build infrastructure, with our Virtual Office you can save up to 90% compared to traditional office.
- Virtual Office service: Prestigious local business address, local phone number answered in you company's name, managed to your instructions.
- Office space service G-Office: Fully-furnished workplace comes with professional staff. On-demand IT and administrative support are available where and when you need.
- Meeting rooms : with full equipped facilities to run productive meetings.

Contacts Us

Contacts Us

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Virtual offices service

Virtual offices service

Virtual offices service Today’s business climate has changed drastically. Physical proximity and location no longer matter for many global entrepreneurs involved in a host of businesses or a new start-up business. For these highly successful ‘new-age’ businesses, a static place of business is not necessary and adds unwanted cost to the business model.
With G-Office Virtual Office solution, anyone can have their business up and running in a short time and can enjoy the flexibility of working from anywhere and everywhere. We offer all the comforts and stability of a fixed office without the hassle and additional costs.

Virtual offices service We provide you with a prestigious local business address in HoChiMinh city and a credible, risk-free base for corresponding with clients together with a professional reception service, without having to rent an entire office. Our full-equipped professionals meeting rooms are ready for your meeting with your clients/partners; our IP support services can fullfill your needs.

In addition, G-Office also offers many other virtual office solutions. Our executive virtual office space is the perfect solution for your remote business' needs. Our state-of-the-art IP-PBX system together with the GSS (G-Office Self-services System) will bring you the “real office” services that can only find at G-Office.

Who can benefit from our virtual offices?

Who can benefit from our virtual offices?

G-Office Virtual Offices services are ideal for:

  • Home-based businesses or mobile professionals
  • New business start-ups
  • Branch for Small to Mid-Sized businesses

Our Virtual Offices services provide a high profile landmark address in HoChiMinh city, which creates an image of success and efficiency to your clients.

G-Office is also able to provide Meeting Facilities for hourly rental should you wish to hold a business meeting. We offer quality, flexible facilities at premier venues for conferencing, meetings. We have facilities that can accommodate from six to twenty people. Our Customer Service staffs will serve you complementary coffee and water and ensure that your meeting is as comfortable as possible. Lobby greeting for the meeting will be available according to your requirement.

Home-based businesses or mobile professionals

  • Virtual officeindividuals that work from home but require a city identity
  • often travel and therefore do not have the need for physical office space
  • having a requirement of sometimes to hold meetings in the city

G-Office Virtual Office - EconomyClass or BusinessClass is the ideal package for you.

You usually have to improvise to accomplish basic business tasks on the road. G-Office virtual offices give you the freedom to work in a professional, standardized environment anywhere in the world with a full suite of business tools and support services that no hotel can come close to matching.

You benefit from a prestigious business address with G-Office. And with virtual office call forwarding you will never miss a call whether you are in your home office or on the road. If you decide to expand or move, a G-Office virtual office business address means you'll never have to change your address.

New business start-ups

  • Vietnam Virtual Officewish to test a new market and cannot yet justify the cost of setting up a permanent office

  • wish to set up the company as fast as possible and require a city identity
  • wish to have the phone line, fax line immediately but can use it permanently

G-Office Virtual Office - BusinessClass is an ideal package for you.

There are obvious benefits to working from home until the needs of your business eclipse them. G-Office virtual offices solutions give you the leverage you need to pursue new opportunities without committing to a long-term lease, purchasing expensive equipment for the meeting room and hiring a full-time office.

We provide you with a private phone number with forwarding, voice mailbox, and a fax number with Fax-to-Email.

Small to Mid-Sized businesses

  • Vietnam Virtual Officerequire an office identity but do not have the budget for a physical office
  • having a requirement to hold meetings in the city
  • require fax line, phone line with welcome message whenever a call in, voice mail

G-Office Virtual Office - FirstClass is a ideal package for you. Call forwarding, Fax-to-Email and mail forwarding allow your company to be anywhere you need to do business without the need of having a dedicated office.

No need to hire a receptionist, G-Office well trained receptionist answers your virtual office's phone in the name of your business. Your incoming virtual office calls are greeting by your customized message and seamlessly forwarded to your preferred number or voice messages can be taken and delivered to your email according to your specifications.

G-Office Virtual Office provides you a private mailing address, you may pick up all of your mails and packages here, or we can forward them to you. When it comes time to test a new market, you can reduce your setup costs with G-Office virtual offices

In addition, our GSS (G-Office Self-service System) will bring you the "true office"!

Virtual Office Packages at Indochina Park Tower

Virtual Office Packages at Indochina Park Tower



( Applied to 37 - Ton Duc Thang Street - District 1 - 19th Floor )






1.980.000đ (**) 


2.980.000đ (***) 

Use G-Office address for your business Use G-Office address for your business and transactions X X X
Company's name listing Your company name shall be formally free of listing at G-Office Directory X X X
The professional receptionists The receptionists will multilingual skill to welcome your customers X X X
Receiving mails / parcels The receptionists shall directly receive your mails/ parcels, and then inform you as required X X X
Internet Wifi / Beverage Enjoy free high-speed Internet Wifi with sustainable optical cable line. Be served with beverage free of charge. X X X
Mails/parcels Forwarding    Mails/parcels shall be forwarded to your required address. Postages shall be paid following the invoices provided   X X
Free using Guest Space The Guest space with state-of-art and stylish lobby for your Guests  X X X
Registering business license (for Vietnamese Company) Compose form of enterprice establishment document and register to issue Certificate of Business Regitration   X X
Representative business officer Solving the business authorized scale on behalf of you   x x
Private Telephone You shall own private telephone/fax number and customize the settings to forward your incoming calls or emails, fax to concerned unit for solutions. X  3 line 10 line
G-Fax (Incoming/ Outgoinf) Offers a delicated fax number and allows all Fax documents to be sent directly to your email (PDF format) and you can fax outgoing by this fax number 24/24 online   X X
Web - hosting & Email Provide free of charge web-hosting up to 1100Mbytes and email address under customer domain name  600MB 800MB 1000MB
Business Bulletins Getting exclusive business news from G-Office X X X
Fixed working  Desk contract  Contact us 5 hours / month 20 hours / month
Meeting room With capacity of 4-10 participants, equipped with interor appliances under international standards. Contact us  5 hours / month 20 hours / month
G-Lounge (At STC – 37 Ton Duc Thang)(new) Guest space and luxurious relaxation for welcoming guest   X X
Accouting services (new) See more detail at:  

3 free months of Accounting service (1 year contract )

3 free months of Accounting service (1 year contract )
Quản trị công việc trực tuyến (new)
(Duy nhất tại G-Office)
Điều hành công việc trực tuyến: chi phí thấp, dễ sử dụng và hiệu quả   X X

Ghi chú

(*) Xem thêm dịch vụ cộng thêm. Phí đặt cọc : (** )G ói Businessclass: 1.500.000 vnđ, (***)Gói Firstclass: 2.000.000 vnđ)

(Giá trên chưa bao gồm VAT 10%)(Đơn vị tính: vnđ/ tháng)